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  • Vincent delaMontaigne retires from Baker Street Group

    June 30, 2016 | News | admin
  • San Diego, CA – Today Baker Street Group, Inc. announces the retirement of Baker Street Group’s President & CEO, Vincent delaMontaigne.
    Mr. delaMontaigne illustrious career began with serving honorably with U.S. Army Military Intelligence, then completing a full career and retiring as a Special Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and finally with the Baker Street Group (BSG). After 16 years with BSG, Mr. delaMontaigne retires and he will be missed.
    Mr. delaMontaigne joined BSG in 2000, bringing BSG into a close relationship with the National Football League (NFL) as the designated Security Representative for the NFL in San Diego. He oversaw all security for the San Diego Charger home games, conducted NFL investigations, security audits, and other consulting projects for all NFL players in Southern California.
    In 2001, Mr. delaMontaigne assumed NFL Super Bowl security responsibilities as the Security Consultant/Coordinator for the NFL Super Bowl. He oversaw all NFL Super Bowl security planning, budgeting, implementation, and managing security for the pre-game, game day and post-game events in conjunction with NFL staff from New York. He coordinated with federal, state and local law enforcement, emergency responders, football operations staff, special events department, and entertainers.
    In 2003, Mr., delaMontaigne was engaged by the White House Faith Based Community Initiative, as the overall Security Representative. He successfully managed the security for more than 36 meetings, protecting the integrity of the meeting, noteworthy key-note speakers, high-level federal and state officials, as well as, the attendees.
    As an investigator, Mr. delaMontaigne performed multiple security threat assessments, audits and reviews, as well as leading ethics investigations of alleged corrupt local officials, and a variety of fraud, embezzlement, civil and criminal cases.
    Perhaps, Mr. delaMontaigne largest contribution to BSG was his leadership. On July 1, 2013, Mr. delaMontaigne took over leadership of BSG, assuming the role as President & Chief Executive Officer.
    In retirement, Mr. delaMontaigne continues to work (part-time) as a security consultant for the NCAA College Football Playoff games and the National Championship Game.