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    • Prospective & current employee investigation
    • Employee fraud, embezzlement and theft
    • Industrial espionage & intellectual property
    • Misuse of company information
    • Workplace violence & physical plant assessments 
    • Vendor & competitor profiles

    In today’s business environment, a company not only has to be concerned about potential employee theft, corruption and other financial improprieties, but also employee and vendor behavior, which could expose the business to potential financial risk and/or financial liability. Bottom line… “If a business didn’t have employees and customers, it wouldn’t have problems.”

    The successful business must have useful, accurate, and timely information about its potential or current employees, its competitors, and vendors in order to make informed decisions and to mitigate their risk. With decades of solid corporate investigative experience, Baker Street Group provides vital resources to develop strategies that identify problems before they begin.

    Similarly, upon discovering a problem, Baker Street Group can be a valued partner by conducting a thorough and timely investigation, providing the business with a complete understanding of the magnitude of the problem. Baker Street Group knows that protecting the reputation and assets of your business is your top priority.




    • We conducted a review of documents and conducted interviews for a major public utility company which had experienced significant losses due to a failed natural gas hedging strategy. We determined what went wrong with the strategy and who was responsible.
    • We conducted investigations of sole source contract issues for a major company during which we uncovered waste, abuse, and an apparent kickback scheme.
    • We conducted covert investigations of employees of a large public entity which resulted in a determination that the employees were not at their assigned work places, had falsified time sheets, and had engaged in improper behavior during their work day.
    • We have been engaged to conduct numerous audits and training related to the federal Patriot and Bank Secrecy Acts at large financial institutions.
    • We investigated a significant embezzlement by a company bookkeeper and turned over the evidence to local prosecutors which resulted in a conviction and recovery of some assets.
    • We have conducted trade mark and service mark investigations for a large multi-national company which resulted in civil actions favorable to the company.