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    • Anti-corruption investigation                                        
    • Money laundering analysis & remediation
    • Securities Fraud
    • Embezzlement
    • Whistleblower allegation assessment & investigation
    • White collar executive defense

    In today’s business environment, insiders are frequently the single biggest threat to corporate and business assets, as well as an individual’s private wealth. Both privately held businesses and public corporations face substantial risks from insiders with whom trust and responsibilities have been placed. Positions of trust, such as purchasing, supply chain management, accounts receivable and accounts payable are highly susceptible to compromise and fraud.

    Similarly, exterior threats frequently target insiders with whom they can compromise and collude, to achieve their fraudulent goals.

    As an example, in the hope of living up to market expectations, a company’s mid-level management may be motivated to misrepresent the financial status of their business sector, potentially causing their corporate financial disclosures to be fraudulent. The misguided behavior of these individuals can be precipitated by something as simple as the potential termination of their product line, loss of employment, loss of a bonus or just pure greed.

    Regardless of the source of the fraud, financial manipulation or misrepresentation; if left undetected or unchecked, it can be financially devastating for a business or potential venture.

    Baker Street Group has decades of experience conducting complex fraud and financial investigations involving bribery, kickbacks, conflict of interest, false statements, false claims, as well as financial misrepresentation, manipulation, accounting irregularities and other financial misconduct.